the    easley
a boutique
brand house
A petite brand collective conceived in creativity,
but boasting contrast;
              and their cherished cooperative Cause.
With Transportation as the cornerstone and a footprint in Visual Arts, each outfit speaks to a unique service, strategy and audience, while building a cohesive strength we've master-branded as The Beasley Group.
designs & print
building badass brands
Narrowing our focus in support of local small-mid market businesses and established independent professionals is a savvy move for our team. We've wanted them at our core since the kickoff, so we've decided to invest our efforts in their direction.
What's even more exciting is how this decision allows us to choose the scope of work best matched to our key strengths and overall culture; beautiful but simplistic, functional but expedient. And we employ convenient strategies that showcase high-end design without all the fuss (also proving favorable with rate comps). Above all else, we want to Build Badass Brands - with emphasis on the word, 'build'. Being the organic developers or revivers of a businesses brand story meets our foremost function, full scope brand identity.
Don't misunderstand, we'll do single design jobs, and we'll do them well! But packaged projects are ideal for both teams - creatively, logistically and financially. Once you decide to invest in visuals, it serves all stakeholders best to visit the appearance, proposal and position of the existing identity. If it isn't smart, chic and solution-based, it doesn't have a shot against more aggressive competition. Because now, more than ever, clients are captured by quality.
                                                                            Tiffani B., Ops Director
                                                 Excerpt, 2018 Associated Press Release


BDP Establishes A Niche Market in 2019:
multimedia madhouse
the zoo
Our Media Madhouse, drenched in jungle-orange, connects Los Angeles Creatives with Industry Assets in Film, Television, Music, Stage Production, Publishing and Events.
ZOO getting a makeover
           BEASLEY    GROUP 
on time | your dime
BGT getting a makeover

an empowerment project is being reinvented:January 2020

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Long Beach CA 90814
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